Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis Treatment in Hyderabad

Your daily routine keeps you extremely busy, doesn’t it? So busy that you cannot think of anything else apart from that particular routine until and unless, it becomes a necessity. So, if you are one of the who are suffering with arthritis knee pain consult doctor for arthritis treatment

Now what do you think might be ‘THE’ necessity? Your own health.

One of the major aspects of life you tend to forget most of the times as you are submerged in our daily lives is HEALTH. Until, your health starts acting up, some pain arises from your legs, knees, hands or even somewhere in your body, you don’t care about it, do you?

Knee Pain, Leg Pain and Hand pain can occur due to many reasons. One of the major reasons is injury of course. However, the other reason which also is common and dangerous is Arthritis.

What is Arthritis and how does it affect your knees?

Most of you must have heard about Arthritis. This condition if you or anyone you know has it, is the inflammation or swelling of your bone joints. Pain, swelling and stiffness of your knee joint is what arthritis does to your knees.

Understanding and realising that your knee is affected by Arthritis, is not a sudden occurrence. It happens over many years due to various forms of exertion and wear and tear which results in this condition.

There are many types of arthritis which might affect your knee to a great extent. Major ones, amongst those types are:

All these three types of arthritis results in the wearing off of the cartilage in your knee resulting in the fading away of the protective space between the joints. When the space fades away, the two ends of the bone scrape against each other causing pain in the knee. Immense pain.

How do you know if you have arthritis in your knee?

The symptoms of arthritis are way too many. However, the primary one being immense pain.

However, there are many other symptoms as well:

  • The joint becomes swollen and stiff making it very difficult to bend the knee or even straighten it.
  • The swelling and pain are usually always more and extreme in the morning
  • Any kind of vigorous activity increases the pain
  • The pain causes excess weakness in the knee.
  • Arthritis pain increases during the monsoons.

Now it is not only the symptoms that can help you understand if you have arthritis in your knee.

There are many medical tests such as physical examinations, Imaging tests such as X-Rays and CT Scan which are done to confirm the arthritis in your knee. It is essential to get these tests and Visit Arthritis specialist, so that team of expert Orthopedic doctor in miyapur can help you if you knee is affected by arthritis and also how can you get it treated.

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