PCL Surgery

PCL Surgery in Hyderabad

PCL injuries are because of the blow to the knee when it is bent. And the common causes of it include:

Falling on the knee when it is bent and during an auto accident when the knee strikes against the dashboard. Sportspersons who play football and soccer can tear their PCL when they fall on their bent knee. The shinbone gets hit on the ground first and it moves backward.

Signs and Symptoms of PCL Injuries

Swelling: Swelling in knee happens rapidly and that too within hours of injury

Pain: Mild to moderate pain in the knee leads to slight limp or difficulty while walking

In case, there are injuries to other parts of the knee, the symptoms of PCL can be very mild that it may be barely unnoticeable. Over time, the pain can worsen and the knee might feel more unstable.

Diagnosis of PCL Injury

The doctor will diagnose a PCL injury and will perform a variety of tests that include:

  • Physically examining the knee
  • Moving your injured knee in various directions
  • Checking for fluid in the knee joint
  • Taking an X-ray of the knee joint to check for fractures
  • MRI of the knee
Treatment for PCL Injuries

The treatment for PCL totally depends on the extent of the injury and whether it was a recent injury or if one had it for a while.


Certain over the counter pain relievers or the medicines prescribed by your doctor can help


If the PCL injury is severe and if it is combined with the other torn knee ligaments or a broken bone, you have to go through a surgery to reconstruct the ligament. You may require surgery if you have regular episodes of knee instability despite appropriate rehabilitation.

The surgery is performed where the surgeon will insert a fiber-optic camera and long and surgical tools through various small incisions around the knee.

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