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Visitor’s Guidelines

Friends and family are very important to everyone. Especially when there’s a need for emotional support, they are the only ones you’d resort to. Hospital visits by friends and family play a significant role in boosting the positive energy and desire to recover soon. Here we have some guidelines listed for visitors in best interest of all patients and their health safety. We request visitors to follow them for the wellbeing of our patients.

  • Please have a limited number of people at a time.
  • Food from outside will not be entertained. This is in best interest of the patients, as we have a specific menu prepared by qualified dietitians.
  • Avoid having very young children as they are prone to catching infections easily.
  • Footwear should be left outside, use a hand sanitiser before seeing the patient.
  • Visitors might also be restricted based on the special requirements and medical condition of the patient.
  • Visitors are requested to refrain from sleeping or sitting on the floors of the rooms.