Knee Replacement Cost

Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

The trend of knee replacement surgery is remarkable due to its high success rate and we are offering knee replacement surgery at low cost in Hyderabad, India. We have a team of highly experienced orthopaedic surgeons led by Dr. Madhu Thumu, a renowned knee replacement surgeon in India. He has an experience of 15 years in performing partial knee replacement surgeries, total knee replacement surgeries, bilateral knee replacement surgeries and unilateral knee replacement surgeries. Dr Madhu Thumu is offering Knee Replacement Surgery at cost effective price in Hyderabad with quality imported implants .

The average cost of knee replacement surgery in India starts from

  • 1.8 Lakhs for a Unilateral Total Knee Replacement
  • 3.5 Lakhs for a Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

The average cost of Knee Replacement for Foreign Patients starts from

  • 3500 Dollars for a Unilateral Knee Replacement Surgery
  • 6000 Dollars for Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery 
What Is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery cost

Knee Replacement surgery is a procedure that replaces the damaged knee joint with prosthetics which is performed by a joint replacement surgeon. Usually, theses knee problems are diagnosed by orthopaedic knee specialists helps to resurface the knee joint with artificial implants, either it is partially damaged or completely damaged.
Relatively, knee replacement surgeries are safe with a huge success rate of 97% nearly. We are technologically up to date in providing customized implants. Dr Madhu Thumu, an experienced Knee Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad, who can deliver better results and improves your quality of life after a knee replacement surgery.

Here are the benefits of partial knee replacement surgery or total knee replacement surgery.

  • It helps to regain the lost mobility of knee joint
  • Eliminates Knee Pain and reduced joint stiffness
  • The surgery restores the lost functional abilities of your knee
  • Improves joint alignments
  • Improves quality of life

The first question flies around us about knee replacement surgery is about the life span of implants. They stay functional about 15 – 20 years for all age groups based on your work. The prosthetics used in knee surgery are manufactured with metal or plastic which looks like a joint.

Types Of Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is medically termed as Knee arthroplasty which involves removing the damaged knee part and replacing it with a specially designed prosthetics which works as naturally as a natural knee joint. Knee replacement surgeries are of different types and are classified based on the degree of damage that your knee joint suffers from.

Total Knee Replacement(TKR): A total knee replacement surgery popularly known as a primary knee replacement surgery which is suggested and performed by a orthopedic knee surgeon when you knee joint damaged completely. The process involves replacing the entire knee joint with prosthetics. It helps to provide complete pain relief and smooth functioning of your knee joint.

Partial knee replacement(PKR): A partial knee replacement medically termed as unicompartmental knee replacement(UKR) surgery which is performed when your knee joint damaged partially. In this process, only the damaged knee joint parts are replaced with a plastic or metal prosthesis. It has an advantage of preserving natural bones while replacing the damaged parts.

Revision knee replacement: Medically termed as redo surgeries often performed when previous knee replacement surgery has failed or when the implanted prosthetics got damaged or wears off over a period.

Some other knee replacement procedures effectively performed by Dr. Madhu Thumu include complex knee replacement, Knee cap replacement, High flex knee replacement and Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery.

When a knee replacement surgery is necessary?

The knee can be damaged due to various conditions and when they are severe enough to damage your knee joint you may consider a knee replacement surgery.

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Post-traumatic arthritis
  • Severe arthritis to knee joints.
  • Knee pain & swelling worsening over time
  • Wear and tear of joints due to overuse
  • Deformities like bent or bowed legs
  • Degeneration of bones due to age
Why Choose Us For Knee Replacement Surgery?

The surgical techniques of joint replacement surgery are upgrading with time. Dr. Madhu Thumu, one of the best knee replacement surgeon in Hyderabad, uses the state-of-art technology and has the experience to mimic with trending joint replacement surgeries.

In his 14+ years of experience, he has done hundreds of knee replacement surgeries successfully. However, some are restricting themselves with fear knee replacement surgery cost due to lack of every awareness. Dr. Madhu Thumu performs offers affordable prices for all knee replacement surgeries.

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