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What makes you twist, sit and stand, hop and run, and more importantly bears all your body weight? Your hips. It is the junction where the torso and the legs meet. The hips connect with the thigh bone (femur), with the main function of holding the body’s weight while walking, running, and even standing. So, when there is an obstruction that keeps you from doing any of these actions, it gets quite discomforting. Coming to Hip replacement Surgery, Dr Madhu Thumu is senior most Hip Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad where he diagnose the condition of patient and suggest you whether it is Total Hip Replacement or Complex Hip Replacement or Revision Hip Replacement.

hip replacement surgery
So, let’s look at all that makes it difficult to move your hips.

The reasons commonly include arthritic conditions and trauma injury which can damage the hip joints, restricting your movements. While the hip joint is responsible for your upright posture and most of the mobile functions carried out regularly, It has the tendency to become weak and wear off over a period, in fact a bit earlier than any other part of the body. As a result, it causes your hips to start aching with unlimited pain, and confined mobility.

Here are common hip problems that might lead to the need of a hip replacement surgery.

1. Arthritis – Arthritis refers to a condition where there is inflammation in the bones that completely damages the cartilage. This leads to pain which gradually increases and it becomes difficult to move. It feels like the bones have rusted. The most common types are osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, which are seen in older adults. However, it can also affect younger people.

2. Bursitis – Bursitis occurs when the bursa (the sac which contains the lubricating fluid for bones to move smoothly) gets inflamed. It can happen at any age due to excess pressure on the hips.

3. Tendinitis – The inflammation and irritation of the tendons that surround the bones is quite a common issue.

4. Avascular necrosis – Avascular necrosis is a condition caused due to the restricted blood flow to the bones. As a result of lack of blood supply the bone tissues die. So if you are are used to steroids or if you drink too much alcohol, you need to be careful. Although it can affect any bone, the most affected is the hip joint, and might need a hip replacement surgery.

5. Hip fractures – Hip fractures are common in older adults, and those who have chronic osteoporosis. The bones become fragile and brittle leading to fractures due to the smallest of an injury.

6. Strained muscles or tendons – Sometimes you might end up doing certain physical activities that put a lot of pressure on the muscles around the hip. This might strain the muscles and tendons which in turn, cause pain and obstruct the joint from functioning normally.

7. Cancers – Tumours or cancers of the hip bones have the capacity to infect the bone cause hip joint pain and stiffness, along with many other problems if not treated on time. It can also lead to severe complications that leading to the need for a hip replacement.

All these conditions are leading causes for a hip replacement surgery to be considered. While you think of a hip replacement surgery, you might possibly be quite afraid about the fact that it is a painful surgery and worry about getting used to your replaced joint. So, to make things look much smoother for you, your doctor will help you with all the information and guide you through the entire procedure virtually.

Hip Replacement Surgery – An Outline

A hip replacement surgery, or a hip arthroplasty is a procedure that involves the removal and replacement of the damaged part of the hip joint, with artificial prosthesis specially designed to function as naturally as the natural joint. If you are still deciding on getting a hip replacement, Dr Madhu Thumu is the best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad to have a word with. His assessment will take you the easy route to knowing how severe your condition is and if you really need a hip replacement surgery to be done.

The need for a hip replacement arises when a part or the whole hip joint decays to the extent of complete dysfunction. There are various types of hip replacement surgeries, which will be explained to you in detail at the clinic during your consultation. However, you can take a look at what each surgery involves, to have a fair idea about the most common types.

Total or Primary Hip Replacement: A total hip replacement surgery involves the replacement of the complete hip joint or or even one side of the joint.

Complex Hip Replacement: A complex surgery is done for those who suffer from obesity, muscular conditions and even certain neurological problems associated with morphological bone deformities.

Revision Hip Replacement: A revision hip replacement surgery refers to a corrective surgery of a previous replacement in case the prosthesis is wears off or if the previous surgery is faulty.

A hip replacement surgery can help you with evident pain relief and a range of motions that you can get back to a normal and active lifestyle with. If you are worried about the artificial joint functionality, you’ve got nothing to worry over when you’re under Dr. Madhu Thumu’s treatment. So, feel free to get in touch with us.

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