Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

There are many simple actions that your shoulder is involved in. Think about everything that you do, right from the time you wake up in the morning. Be it brushing, or combing your hair, or even while reaching out to the table to pick your cup of coffee, your shoulders are important. In fact, it is often associated with emotions. But then, it is also one of the most ignored part when it comes to problems, unless the problem is way beyond being just painful.

shoulder replacement surgeonHere we shall look into problems that could lead you into going ahead with a shoulder replacement surgery.

The Shoulder Joint

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint, where your upper arm (humerus) connects to your body, and has a range of motions allowing you to move it up and down, side to side, forward and back, and, in a full circle too. It has muscles and tendons surrounding the ball and socket joint that hold the arm.

What could lead to a shoulder surgery is again quite similar to other bone conditions such as arthritis, trauma injuries, bursitis, and other bone inflammatory conditions. Here’s a list of the top three reasons that lead to a shoulder surgery.

1. Severe Arthritis
2. Trauma Injury
3. Rotator cuff tear

Severe arthritis and injury are quite common conditions where the bones either have a fracture, or start degenerating after a possible infection that develops. But a rotator cuff tear involves an injury caused by extreme pressure and stress on the shoulder, where the muscles and tendons that support the shoulder joint get damaged. This could lead your bones to loose stability and wear off faster, that makes it difficult for you to perform any activity.

Are you looking forward to get a shoulder surgery done?

If you are thinking of a shoulder surgery, you have to be sure enough you really want it. After all it is an important part of your body, and plays a significant role in the most important things you do each minute.

A shoulder surgery involves the initial assessment of your condition, following certain diagnostic tests and screenings to determine the severity of the condition. This will help your surgeon to decide which type of shoulder arthroplasty will be suitable in your case. The three traditional types of a shoulder arthroplasty are:

1. Total Shoulder Arthroplasty – A total shoulder replacement involves the ball on top of the upper arm (humerus) being replaced with a metal prosthesis, and the socket is covered with a plastic surface. Also, a total shoulder arthroplasty is the most common type of shoulder surgery.

2. Partial Shoulder Arthroplasty – A partial shoulder arthroplasty involves only the ball of the joint being replaced, which is a smaller surgery as compared to the other types.

3. Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty – This is usually done when you have a rotator cuff tear. Apart from that, it is also done as a correction to a previous shoulder surgery that probably did not work. A reverse shoulder surgery involves the ball being attached to the shoulder bones, and the socket is attached from the top of your upper arm.

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