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High End Operation Theatre


People are scared of surgeries. However, sometimes they cannot be avoided. Especially when it keeps you from having normal mobility, and better joint functioning. It’s definitely not a very pleasant thought to be taken on the stretcher into the operation theatre. But then, if you have no choice but to get a surgery done, we’re here to help you with an option that can comfort you even at the thought of it.

Dr. Madhu Thumu has been practicing for the last 12 years and has performed over 100 successful joint replacement surgeries, and all of these patients have had a great experience. The operation theatres are specifically designed with the idea of making the patient feel comfortable, and are equipped with the best of the facilities right from the smallest surgical tools to each equipment that will be used to carry out surgical procedures. We have the latest and upgraded diagnostic and surgery equipment that have been FDA approved.

The surgical and non-surgical staff both, are exceptionally trained to monitor your condition before the surgery, during, and post surgery. Once the operation is done, you will be shifted the a proper ward where you will be further monitored for your rehabilitation phase. Dr. Madhu (Orthopedic Surgeon in Hyderabad) makes each phase of your operation a comfortable experience right from the Consultation to the operation and then your post operative care.