Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment

Generally, back pain indicates an underlying condition in your hip joint. It may be caused due to arthritis or due to a traumatic injury. In unfortunate cases, it may even be a repercussion of a badly done surgery. Such conditions may lead to lower back pain. People with lower back pain may also suffer from discomfort or stiffness during sitting down or walking or standing up.

However, if you suffer from upper back pain, it may be an indicator of an unhealthy or ageing spine. You may have a slipped disc condition or even a tumour in the spine.

Back pain should not necessarily be ‘painful’. Any kind of tingling sensation or numbness in the back area are also categorised as back pain in the world of medicine. In any case, if you have a back pain that you can’t seem to shake off, you must see a back pain specialist. In Hyderabad, Dr. Madhu Thumu offers the best treatment in forms of medicine, lifestyle counselling, physiotherapy, and, if need be, surgery.

What Causes Back Pain?

Like mentioned before, back pain can be due to arthritis, trauma, tumour etc. But what exactly causes those conditions. Well, there are some lifestyle choices and practices that make you prone to developing back pain:

  • Extreme physical labour
  • Improper weight-lifting
  • Being overweight
  • Unsupervised & untrained gymming practices
  • A fall, collision or an accident
  • Advanced age
  • Poor posture
  • Sitting in a desk regularly for prolonged hours
  • Sleeping on a mattress that does not support the spine
  • Craning your neck while working on a computer

Although all these conditions may not arise in the back, they are all related to related to overuse (and hence, wear-&-tear) of bones in various parts of the body. Cancer and infections are rare but they may also cause back pain.

Some children are born with a defect in the structure of their spine or hip joint. Although, it may not be considered as ‘back pain’, but they are also treated by orthopaedic doctor like Dr. Madhu Thumu who specialises in paediatric orthopaedics as well.

What Kind Of Treatments Are Available For Back Pain?

A mild case of back pain which seems to fade away in a couple of days isn’t something to worry about. It is probably a mild muscle sprain. But any pain that extends beyond a week, must be checked out by a medical expert. If your condition is diagnosed as a orthopaedic abnormality, you will be treated based on the severity of the condition. If your back pain is just an initial stage of arthritis, reducing weight, doing some muscle strengthening exercises and some basic medicines may be used to prevent the damage in the hip joint to expand further. Similarly, for minor infections, a course of antibiotics is generally enough. Again a small tumour or an initial stage of cancer can be dissolved with radiation treatment.

Here, the takeaway is that you seek treatment as early as possible. When the underlying cause of your back pain becomes serious, you may require surgery.

When Is Surgery Required?

Dr. Madhu Thumu is a supporter of traditional treatment until surgery is the only option left. However, that does not mean that he is any less skilled at performing complex and advanced surgeries.

If your back pain is such that you are unable to move around, then you may have reached the final stages of hip arthritis and you may require a hip replacement surgery. But the good news is that the success rate of these surgeries are very high and patients can live a full & contented life after their initial recovery.

Again, a big spinal tumour may require surgery if radiation fails to dissolve it completely. Many congenital defects require a combination of surgery, physiotherapy and use of assistive medical devices (at least temporarily).

Dr. Madhu Thumu takes pride in the positive feedback he has received from his patients after they have recovered from the surgery successfully. In his 12 years of service in the medical field, he now clients who have lived a contented life nearly a decade past their surgery in his hands. If you do require surgery, feel free to consult him and find the best treatment for back pain in Hyderabad.

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